International Space Station
Spot The Station

Depending on your location, you may see the International Space Station several times a week to only a time or two a month.
If you received a confirmation email or text after registering, you’re signed up! Chances are the International Space Station just hasn’t passed over your location yet at dawn or dusk.
Not to worry! Alerts for cities are valid for approximately 50 miles around each listed location -- just pick the one closest to you. New cities are frequently being added, so be sure to check back.
Alerts are generally sent about 12 hours before the International Space Station pass. This means you’ll receive the message the night before for a morning pass and the morning of for an evening pass.
Unfortunately, no. Only one location can be registered per email address or phone number. However, if you both have an email address and a cell phone, you could have an email sent for one location and a text message sent for another.
To prevent spam, Spot the Station limits requests from each IP address to one per hour. Additionally, each code is valid for one hour. If you are receiving this message, please try again later. If you are still having trouble, please let us know.
Please click here to cancel alerts. Canceling is just like signing up -- you will be sent a code to enter into the site.
All of the Spot The Station information is listed in the local time zone for the selected location. Spot The Station automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.
The Spot The Station team is happy to hear suggestions for locations to be added on future releases. Please email us at with your suggestion.
Spot The Station alerts are sent out 12 hours before an upcoming space station overflight. Unfortunately, some email providers queue messages in an unpredictable way. Adding to your email whitelist or contacts list may help. Please let us know if you think your emails are being delayed by your provider.
Please check your spam folder for the email. If it has been more than an hour, please add to your contacts list and request another code.
To make sure you never miss a space station pass, Spot The Station will email you when it’s time renew your registration.
The space station is visible because it is reflecting light from the Sun. This is the same reason that the Moon appears to shine. Even when the Moon hasn’t risen, you’ll still be able to see the space station.